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About us

Lucky-Winsun was established in 1977. We specialize in Continuous warm forging heating furnace, Robot with warm forging press, Solid solution heating furnace, and Aging hardness furnace for the aluminum industry.

We devote our efforts to the design and innovation of machines with high efficiency, great operability, and high stability to meet the demands of high rigidity, light-weight and high intensity aluminum parts for the automobile industry.

In recent years, we have also made great achievements in relation to servicing the automobile and aerospace industries. We are able to achieve the heat treatment system assessment AIAG CQI-9 of the automobile industry, and provide the heat treatment model with Nadcap AMS 2750E to realize the smart manufacturing and high profitability of aerospace industry.

Providing customers with machines of higher energy efficiency, higher material efficiency and lower rejection rate that meet their requirements has always been our goal.

We believe our machines are able to bring profitability and increase productivity, quality and creativity, and achieve high value-added work, thereby increasing your product competitiveness in the market.

With our technical support, Lucky-Winsun aims to be a global brand, offering the best quality services to our customers.